Ways To Deal With Stress

 Sleep well.

Whilst stress can interfere with sleeping, sleeping can also relieve stress. Too much stress can make us anxious, tense, can cause sleep problems and vice versa. Adequate sleep is crucial for daily function, general health and mental health.

Take a nap.

The afternoon power nap can effectively reduce stress, improve your mood and increase alertness, so we give you full permission to climb back into bed!


Create a little zen den in your room where you can meditate (e.g. light candles and incense, play calming music). Meditation can help ease anxiety and improve concentration, so peace out.

Be nice to yourself.

Criticizing yourself again? Take some time to practice self-love, whether that means starting the day repeating positive affirmations about yourself or nourishing your body with the nutrition you need. Remember ditching negative self-talk really will relieve a lot of stress.

Avoid negativity.

Don’t let other people’s negativity shoot your adrenaline levels through the roof. It’s important not to judge someone for being negative, try to support them but make sure you separate your identity and emotions from it.

Reflect on the day’s achievements.

Don’t get stressed about what you should be doing, feel great about what you have done instead. The reflection process can help boost your self esteem and ease anxiety as you’ll see how great you are already!

Deep breaths.

When we’re feeling anxious our breathing changes and this ‘over breathing’ can actually produce more anxiety. But deep breathing will encourage your mind and body to slow down and return to normal.

 Write a gratitude list.

Unsurprisingly, stressful events can leave us feeling negative and as if we’re lacking in some way. But having a greater sense of appreciation for the people and things in your life can really help you gain perspective, feel more positive and enable you to better handle stress. So try writing down 5 things you’re thankful for.

 Lower your standards.

Setting ridiculously high standards for yourself generates anxiety by putting pressure on you to perform and it can make you particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of emotional stress. Nobody’s perfect so try loving and accepting yourself as the great individual you are.

Get a hobby.

Pursuing a new hobby is a fun way to break away from life’s demands, as well as allowing you to build your self esteem, forge new friendships and express yourself, which all contribute to the reduction of stress.

Nurture yourself through words.

Read whatever inspires you; poems, positive affirmations and empowering quotes….let the words ground you, calm your mind and regenerate you.

Say no sometimes.

Being a ‘yes’ person isn’t easy. People pleasers listen up!…saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean you’re selfish or rude. Practicing saying ‘no’ will help simplify your life and give you the valuable time you need to relax with yourself.

Ask for help.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Trying to cope with everything on your own just exacerbates stress. Whether you open up to a trusted friend, family member or us here at Ditch, a problem shared is a problem halved!

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