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The Jabari & Amani Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to Honoring NICU Nurses through the     J.A.B Awards.

From the Jabari & Amani’s family we want to say Thank You for all you do.

Whoever coined the term “NICU Mom,” I don’t know, but I do know that nobody aspires to be one. There is not one expectant mother out there who sees the two pink lines on the pregnancy test and says, “Yay, I can’t wait to spend three months in the NICU watching my ever-longed-for precious gift from God experience pain and suffering that most people can’t even begin to imagine.” No father says, “I can’t wait to be forced to choose between being with my critically ill newborn or his recovering mother,” or “I can’t wait to describe my child to his mother because she can’t be with him, while trying to make her feel like it’s going to be OK, when I’m not sure it’s going to be.” Nobody wants that, but when put in that situation, we learn to trust, the NICU Nurse.

Most of the world still doesn’t know what you do. They can’t understand how integral you are to the positive outcomes of these babies who started life so critically ill. But I do. I know you now. I will never forget you. In fact, our story can never be told without mentioning you. So the next time you wave your access card to enter the place that few eyes have seen, know that you are appreciated. I know you, and you are pretty amazing.

Thank You for All you do!






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